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Category ZDL winners 2013-02-27 07:05, flag zdladmin
Now that the season has concluded, we are able to announce the winners of this season's ZDL:

Tier 1: First place: Fluffles; Second place: DevastatioN; Third place: Roy7; Fourth place: RoSKing

Tier 2: First place: Bless, Faceless; Second place: Watermelon, Shadowstalker

Tier 3: First place: Riptor; Second place: Madgunner, Kmfaiyaz; Third place: Majik

Tier 4: First place: [Con]Hex; Second place: [GL]Okami-Aik; Third place: boomdoomboom; Fourth place: Remisser

In other news, a post will be made tomorrow detailing changes and improvements we have made for season 2 of ZDL. Stay tuned folks!
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Playoffs 2013-01-03 00:16, flag zdladmin
It's official, the regular season has ended and playoffs have begun! The following players have made it to the playoffs:

Tier 1

Fluffles, Devastation, Roy7, RoSking[R]

Tier 2

Bless, Faceless, ShadowStalker, Watermelon

Tier 3

Riptor, Majik, Kmfaiyaz, Madgunner

Tier 4

Boomdoomboom, [GL]Okami-Aik, [Con]Hex, Remisser

Congratulations to all players, and good luck in the playoffs! You have two weeks to complete your games. The brackets have also been posted; to see them, simply click on your tier's playoffs under the tables section.

Also be aware of the following rules for playoffs:

1) Matches are best of 5, not 3!
2) No maps are eliminated during a coin toss.
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The Final Weeks 2012-12-16 06:45, flag zdladmin
It is now the final two weeks of the regular season of ZDL. Players have until December 30th, to finish all of their matches. After that date, unplayed matches may be forfeited and the top four players in each tier will advance to the playoffs. To see your match count, view the forum topic here. Don't forget to join #zdl when you log on!

We have had a couple of new players replace dropped or disqualified players over the past few weeks:

- Remisser who is replacing bakukirby27 in tier 4.

- Titaniumnuke who is replacing Lucian in tier 4.

- StaXx who is replacing some1 in tier 4.

- Cacolord who is replacing Ourhero in tier 2.

- Marin3 who is replacing Ralx666x in tier 3B.

- Lukas111 who is replacing [F]lateric in tier 3B.

Good luck to all players and try to get in as many games as possible! And be sure to watch the Playoffs beginning December 31!
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Week 4 2012-11-18 02:23, flag zdladmin
It is now the end of week four which means that all players should have roughly four matches played. If you have less than four matches played, it is imperative that you catch up as soon as possible to avoid penalties or being disqualified. To see where you currently stand, view the forum topic here.

Another question that is commonly asked is how are penalties for not playing matches handled. While there is no set in stone method for doing it, we consider two factors when deciding on who to penalize:
1) Number of matches played
2) Amount of effort put forth in finding opponents

When deciding on who to penalize, usually the player that has less matches played will end up forfeiting the match to the player that has more played. If the matches played are equal, the game may be drawn. And of course we usually do the forfeitures at the end of the season.

Having trouble finding an opponent? Post their name here and one of the league's administrators will help you out.

Be sure to join #zdl everytime you get on ZDaemon. We need all players to idle there so that finding opponents is

Lets finish this season on a high note; get your games played folks :). - Madgunner
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Rules and Penalties 2012-10-23 23:57, flag zdladmin
It has come to our attention that a couple of games played so far have not followed the rules of the league. Because it is the start of the season, we will let it slide, however, from here on out players that do not follow the official rules will be penalized. Please keep the following points in mind when playing matches:

- Aliasing

The alias you registered under is the alias you must play all matches on. The only exception to this rule is clan tags. This rule is required for verification purposes. Players, if your opponent is using an alias, tell them to change to their official alias as the match will not count if either player uses a different one.

- Demos

Matches played must have demos or else they will not count. Recording demos is easy. Simply right click the server name on Zlauncher and select record demo.

- Servers

Matches must be played on the official ZDL server. For North American games this is Dwango United - ZDaemon Duelers League #1 (2012) or Dwango United - ZDaemon Duelers League #2 (2012). For South American games this is [XXX]109 Brazil Server - ZDaemon Duelers League (2012).

* Note: We will have a European server up very soon.

- Rules

Please read the official rules here. If you're too lazy to read the rules then can you please at least watch this short video? Players who do not follow the official rules will receive a penalty of either 1 or 2 points.

Thanks, Madgunner.
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Archive: 1 | 2 | 3
Tier 1
1. flag DevastatioN 81p
2. flag Fluffles 78p
3. flag RoY7 63p
4. flag RoSKing[R] 60p
5. flag Jarin_cz 48p
6. flag edd 45p
7. flag Collision 45p
8. flag Evolution 42p
9. flag DemonSphere 24p
10. flag dew 18p
11. flag Deathtrap 9p
12. flag [TBG]Ice 0p
Tier 2
1. flag ShadowStalker 84p
2. flag bless_ 81p
3. flag Faceless 66p
4. flag Watermelon 66p
5. flag Tor-Bjorn 48p
6. flag Perrondon 42p
7. flag allday 42p
8. flag Marax 36p
9. flag Roscoe 30p
10. flag Cacolord 30p
11. flag Cataclysm 21p
12. flag Pollution 15p
13. flag Hero 6p
14. flag Crashy 0p
Tier 3A
1. flag majik 51p
2. flag Madgunner 51p
3. flag greenhornet 39p
4. flag SnowyEX 39p
5. flag [dui]traci[t] 39p
6. flag Reclaimer 15p
7. flag Rygrass 9p
8. flag jupsuliini 9p
Tier 3B
1. flag Riptor 60p
2. flag kmfaiyaz 48p
3. flag Sonya 45p
4. flag Venom 39p
5. flag malignity 21p
6. flag Marin3 9p
7. flag Ralx666x 3p
8. flag [F]latEric 0p
9. flag [PMCD]Yankor 0p
10. flag Lukas111 0p
Tier 4
1. flag boomdoomboom 66p
2. flag [Con]Hex 63p
3. flag Okami-AIK 48p
4. flag Remisser 45p
5. flag sTaXx 42p
6. flag ONIXG224 18p
7. flag TitaniumNuke 18p
8. flag bakukirby27 0p
9. flag zd1gl2 0p
10. flag [ONX]Journeyman 0p
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