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The Final Weeks

It is now the final two weeks of the regular season of ZDL. Players have until December 30th, to finish all of their matches. After that date, unplayed matches may be forfeited and the top four players in each tier will advance to the playoffs. To see your match count, view the forum topic here. Don't forget to join #zdl when you log on!

We have had a couple of new players replace dropped or disqualified players over the past few weeks:

- Remisser who is replacing bakukirby27 in tier 4.

- Titaniumnuke who is replacing Lucian in tier 4.

- StaXx who is replacing some1 in tier 4.

- Cacolord who is replacing Ourhero in tier 2.

- Marin3 who is replacing Ralx666x in tier 3B.

- Lukas111 who is replacing [F]lateric in tier 3B.

Good luck to all players and try to get in as many games as possible! And be sure to watch the Playoffs beginning December 31!

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