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2013-02-27 ZDL winners2013-01-03 Playoffs2012-12-16 The Final Weeks2012-11-18 Week 42012-10-23 Rules and Penalties
Latest matches
0:3 | flag DevastatioN vs Fluffles flag 2:3 | flag boomdoomboom vs [Con]Hex flag 3:2 | flag Okami-AIK vs Remisser flag 3:1 | flag Faceless vs ShadowStalker flag 3:1 | flag bless_ vs Watermelon flag
first season
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 128 Players
Map Voting

Hello everyone, guess what time it is? Time for map voting! Choose your favorite map from the list. The top five maps will become the official map pool for this season! Should there be a tie, we will have a "run off" vote. Haven't seen these maps before? Get the official wad and check them all out at We also got a server up at (ZDaemon Duelers League 2012 Testing Server).

Sign ups have been extended until Monday. If you haven't signed up yet, hurry up and do it. This is your last chance! ZDL will be beginning very soon so stay tuned!

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