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first season
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 128 Players
ZDaemon Duelers League starts

Tomorrow is the big day. We will officially kick off the season of ZDaemon Duelers League. If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes to read the rules. They're much more simple than they look.

The map pool for this season will consist of Dwango5 Map01, Lazuras map04, Moo2d, Greenwar map20, and one other map. If you not done so yet, please vote in the poll for the fifth map. The poll will close tomorrow, so you got 24 hours to vote.

Division placement is also ongoing. We'd like to play everyone in the league so we can get the most accurate ranking possible. If you have a few minutes, please play either Madgunner of [dp]evolution so we can rank you.

Lastly, please post your contact information here and idle in room #zdl on ZDaemon IRC so that your opponents can locate you.

I look forward to having a fun and sucessful season.

- Madgunner

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