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first season
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 128 Players
Troubleshooting 2012-10-20 13:12, flag zdladmin
Hello we are having a few issues with regards to posting scores. It should be resolved by this afternoon. I apologize for the delay.

- Madgunner
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It begins! 2012-10-18 23:00, flag zdladmin
Hello everyone, it's official, ZDL finally begins! If you could please read the following notes I'd greatly appreciate it.

- Matches

Matches can be played in any order and you can play them as fast as you like. The only requirement is that players get one, preferably two, matches played per week. Players that fail to play their matches will be disqualified.


The schedule is available here. You may play any player at anytime regardless of the round number.

Note: Due to the massive number of people in division 3, I have decided to split it in half. I did this using a program that generates random numbers. I believe this is preferable because players in division 3 would have had to play 15 matches, which is a bit excessive.

- Availability

Please, please, please post your availability here.

- Finding opponents

All players need to idle in #zdl on ZDaemon's IRC. It is recommended that player add the room to their auto-join list. To do this, simply click settings, chat, Extra Channels and then type #zdl into the box that pops up.

- Demos

All matches must have demos, or else they will not count. It is strongly recommended that both players record demos in case a crash or time out occurs. Recording demos is very easy. Simply right click the server name on the list and select "Record Demo." You can also set ZDaemon up to auto-record demos for you. To do this simply click the big red button on the toolbar or go to settings, demos, and then and click Auto-Record demos.

* Note: We will soon have server side demos, which means that players will not have to record demos themselves. Until this happens, players will be responsible for recording demos.

- Map pool

The official map pool for ZDL season 1 is Dwango5 map01, Lazarus map04, Exodus1on1, Greenwar map20, and Moo2d. No other map can be played during the season for an official match. To help players out, I have grayed out the pictures of all inelgible maps on the map selection level and have moved the five maps to the front of the selection level.

- Rules

Please read the official rules here. They are fairly simple and shouldn't take more than five minutes to read. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a referee.

- Server

We will have a server up in Europe and in Brazil, but unfortunately we were not able to get them ready in time. They should be ready in a day or two. I apologize for the inconvenience. For now we have two servers up in North America: Dwango United - ZDaemon Duelers League #01 (2012) and Dwango United - ZDaemon Duelers League #02 (2012).

- Referees

The following people are referees: Majik, [DB4D]Crashy, dewww, and CN_Fluffes, in addition to Madgunner and [dp]Evolution. Contact them if you need any help.

- Playoffs

The top four players in each tier will be in the playoffs.

I look forward to having a great and successful season and hope to see all of you on the battlefield soon :) - Madgunner
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ZDaemon Duelers League starts 2012-10-16 21:21, flag zdladmin
Tomorrow is the big day. We will officially kick off the season of ZDaemon Duelers League. If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes to read the rules. They're much more simple than they look.

The map pool for this season will consist of Dwango5 Map01, Lazuras map04, Moo2d, Greenwar map20, and one other map. If you not done so yet, please vote in the poll for the fifth map. The poll will close tomorrow, so you got 24 hours to vote.

Division placement is also ongoing. We'd like to play everyone in the league so we can get the most accurate ranking possible. If you have a few minutes, please play either Madgunner of [dp]evolution so we can rank you.

Lastly, please post your contact information here and idle in room #zdl on ZDaemon IRC so that your opponents can locate you.

I look forward to having a fun and sucessful season.

- Madgunner
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Help wanted 2012-10-15 06:16, flag zdladmin
The ZDaemon Duelers League is in need of a person or two who can referee matches.All you will have to do is spectate matches, make sure that players follow a few simple rules, and help players get in contact with their opponents. If you think you can do this and have a wide availability please let me know.

Edit: Thanks majik and Crashy for volunteering to be referees. We could still use one more person.
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Map Voting 2012-10-13 05:16, flag zdladmin
Hello everyone, guess what time it is? Time for map voting! Choose your favorite map from the list. The top five maps will become the official map pool for this season! Should there be a tie, we will have a "run off" vote. Haven't seen these maps before? Get the official wad and check them all out at We also got a server up at (ZDaemon Duelers League 2012 Testing Server).

Sign ups have been extended until Monday. If you haven't signed up yet, hurry up and do it. This is your last chance! ZDL will be beginning very soon so stay tuned!
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