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Latest matches
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first season
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 128 Players

The format of the ZDaemon Duelers League is similar to that of the European Deathmatch League and the ZDaemon Duel League. First, a coin toss vote will be called. The winner of the coin toss then eliminates a map from the pool; after this the loser does the same. Another coin toss is then called. The winner selects the first map to be played, while the loser selects the second. The remaining map will be the third map. The first player to win two games wins the match.

Playoff rounds have a slightly different format. First, a coin toss is called. The winner of the coin toss selects the first map to be played, while the loser selects the second map. After the second map is finished, another coin toss is called. The winner selects the third map to be played, while the loser selects the fourth map. The remaining map is the fifth map. The first player to win three games wins the playoff match. Players do not eliminate maps from the pool during playoff games.


Rounds may be played in any order.

Game Settings

The ZDaemon Duelers League will use the following settings:

Frag limit: 40
Time limit: none
DMFlags: 202052
DMFlags2: 34737664
sv_aircontrol: 0
sv_gravity: 800
sv_fineticks: 1

Sign Ups
Sign ups are open to players of all nationalities. However, because this league is based in North America, players from other continents will have to play their North American opponents on North American servers.


The name you register under is the name you must use in game. Any games played under a different alias will not count. The only exception to this rule is clan tags.

Game Scheduling

Players should strive to play at the very minimum, one game per week. Anyone who does not play their games will be disqualified and will be barred from playing next season. If you do not plan on playing your games, please do not sign up for this league.


Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating will immediately be disqualified and will receive a lifetime ban from the league. This includes traditional cheats such as aimbots and wallhacks and non-traditional cheats such as private messaging that gives away a player's health and location for example.


If for some reason a player becomes disconnected from the server, they will have five minutes to rejoin. If the player does not return after five minutes, they will lose the match. Players that become disconnected and rejoin will retain their old score and the match will continue.


ZDL's point system is very simple:

- A 2-0 victory earns 9 points
- A 2-1 victory earns 6 points.
- A 1-2 loss earns 3 points.
- And of course 0-2 loss earns nothing


If players do not follow the official match rules they may receive a penalty. The first infraction deducts one point from your match score. Subsequent infractions deduct two points from your match score.


The only servers that players are allowed to use are Dwango United New Jersey, L@P Europe, and XXX Brazil. Matches played on any other server will not count.

* Note: Because this is a North American duel league, players from other continents will have to play their North American opponents on North American servers.

*Note 2: If a match is between two non-North American players that reside in different parts of the world one match will be played on each server. The map that each player selects will be played on a server nearest them. The third game will be played on the server nearest the player who got the most combined frags (from both matches). Should there be a tie, a third flipcoin vote will be called and the third match will be played on a server closest to the winner of the flip coin vote. Here's an example to clear things up:

Player 1 (European, chooses to play Moo2d)
Player 2 (South American, chooses to play Lazuras map04)

In this example, Moo2d would be played on a European server and Lazuras map04 would be played on a South American server.


Demos will be recorded by the server. However, players can record demos from the client if they wish.


Players are allowed to forfeit matches. If you do so, it will count as a 0-40 loss.

Tier Slumming

Tier slumming is when a player purposely plays badly in order to achieve a lower ranking so that they can compete against easier opponents. Anyone who does this will be disqualified and will not be allowed to participate next season.


If for some reason you will be out for a week or so, you must notify the league's administrators ahead of time.


ZDL2012.WAD is the official wad for this season. Games must be played on the approved servers with this wad.


The league's administrators can be contacted in room #zdl on ZDaemon IRC. You can also contact us on our forums.