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first season
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 128 Players
Match: allday vs Watermelon
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flag allday vs flag Watermelon
Type: Tier 2
Referee:flag Madgunner
Server:Dwango United New Jersey
Date:2012-11-05 10:00
Score details: D5M1  40:33
Lazarus map04  20:40
Moo2d  22:40
all-day-trey and Watermelon battle it out in the second division, with trey hoping to hurt Watermelon's impressive record and boost himself up the table. D5M1 was the ice-breaker. Everything was level through to 14 frags a piece before the server suffered a crash. After reconnecting, they went back at it, with all-day-trey showing no signs of being shaken up or slowed down by the technical problem, reaching 26 frags first to make the score 40-33 trey. The second map was Lazarus and it became clear from the start that Watermelon had been putting in the training hard on this ground. Water gained a nice lead from the start, and never let it drop till the very end. Score: 20-40 Water. The decider map, Moo2d, saw the same dominant performance from the canadian. Score: 22-40 Water.

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