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first season
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 128 Players
Match: [dui]traci[t] vs SnowyEX
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flag [dui]traci[t] vs flag SnowyEX
Type: Tier 3A
Referee:flag Evolution
Server:Dwango United New Jersey
Date:2012-11-09 00:00
Score details: Exodus1on1  40:36
Greenwar map20  40:37
What a fixture we have right here! Snowy wins the first toss and eliminates D5M1, leaving traci[t] to eliminate Lazarus. The next flip goes traci's way. Maps: Exodus1on1, GW20.

The first game is close all the way with no big leads at all. We see the two chipping away at each other but traci manages to find +4 at the last hurdle which was a needed leap to get the win.
Map finishes: 40-36.

Next up is greenwar. Things are neck and neck till traci stretches past the halfway mark with a +7 lead at 23 frags to 16. Suddenly Snowy bites down and brings that lead to a marginal +2. They continue to peck before traci regains a cushion lead, but it's then that he makes a mistake with the rocket launcher, allowing snowy to earn a cruel double kill to tip the match right back in the balance at the last. But traci digs deep and grabs the last two frags in what was an enthralling couple of games.
Map finishes: 40-38

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